Introducing MDS 2, with more than 75 new features Available August 1, 2012

My Digital Studio 2 will be coming out on WEDNESDAY AUG 1 ... I wanted to give you a heads up about upgrading or purchasing MDS 2 so that you can be ready when you order on the 1st ... if you have questions, email me so that you can be ready to purchase or upgrade on Wed.

So .. here is what you need to know about upgrading to MDS2:
  • if you already have My Digital Studio, you can upgrade to MDS 2 for only $19.95
  • if you just bought My Digital Studio after May 8, 2012 you can upgrade FREE
  • if you have never purchased MDS, you can purchase MDS2 as a disc or a download for only $39.95
  • if you wish to purchase the MDS2+ program with $500 worth of downloads, guess what.. you can get that for only $79.95 !!!!!  WHAT A DEAL!

I guess you can tell which one I think is the best deal... I'll be buying MDS2+ to get all those downloads plus the new program.

NOTE: download versions available 8/1, but disc versions will be available later this fall.